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It is extremely important to us that our tenants feel safe and comfortable in their homes. As a registered social landlord, we are focused on maintaining our properties to the highest possible standards. We provide an effective and responsive repairs service to all our tenants and are committed to performing routine maintenance on all our properties. Where possible, we will adapt, upgrade and modify properties to better suit the needs of our tenants.

We value our tenant’s trust and endeavour to protect their privacy as much as possible throughout the maintenance and repairs process. We strive to ensure that all maintenance work is carried out as promptly, effectively and sensitively as possible. Our highly experienced maintenance team understands our tenants’ needs are are always looking for ways to minimise disruption during the maintenance period.

Where possible, we will use our own inhouse repairs team for the majority of minor repairs. Depending on the nature of the issue and the geographic area of the property, we may at times outsource the work to specialist contractors.

We aim to undertake all repairs in the quickest time possible. To help us do this, we have established a priority system to ensure that the more urgent the repair, the quicker it is put right.

Emergency Repairs

These repairs will be carried out
in 24 hours

Urgent Repairs

These repairs will be carried out within
7 working days


These repairs will be carried out within
28 working days

Tenants, family members and support staff can report repairs to us:

By telephone: 0191 6500988

By Email:

More information regarding repairs and maintenance can be found in our Tenancy Agreements and Tenants’ Handbook.



We consider all tenants who are referred to us via official channels. If you’d like more information about the eligibility process, please get in touch.

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We understand how vitally important it is to listen to the queries, demands and preferences of our tenants. If you need information, or to raise a concern, please get in touch.

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What our clients say

She always communicates with myself and the staff team on a professional and personable basis. Over the last 12 months we have experienced some difficult individuals moving into the properties, however Nichola always works with ourselves pro-actively and for the need of the individuals we support.

Regarding referrals again Nichola respects the staff team’s judgement when the individual’s are moving in, giving them ample time to settle into their new surroundings.

I feel we work well as a multi-disciplinary team. Great stuff.

Jackie Ball, County Wide Manager Support & Recovery & Community Floating Support

Auckland Home Solutions C.I.C has and continues to work closely with Community Integrated Care to ensure that only the best housing, care and support is provided to those we support. AHS take time to understand their tenants and their needs and go that extra mile to help ensure they’re met.

Community Integrated Care CIC

I have been a tenant of Auckland Home Solutions C.I.C for around five years. They have been a great help to me, letting me live in my own flat with the things I like the most. The AHS team are always there to help if I need them.

Tenant – Ian, 34, from Durham

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